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The Labyrinth of Sordrin

The Labyrinth of Sordrin

The Labyrinth of Sordrin is a colossal 3,100 x 3,100 block wide Minecraft labyrinth, filled with traps, puzzles, challenges, villages to plunder and hundreds of secrets and landmarks to discover and explore. It is filled with custom monsters, npc's and hoards of treasure to discover and loot.


Oak of the Ages

Oak of the Ages

You spawn in the shade of a towering ancient oak planted on a seemingly magical, hovering island. Suspended from the tree is a massive wooden platform, and surrounding the platform are four other floating islands. Each island represents a specific region throughout the labyrinth, and acts as a sort of hub between various areas within the corresponding region.


Ruins of Tribulation

Ruins of Tribulation

The Ruins of Tribulation is the first of the four major regions that you will have to traverse on your journey through the labyrinth. Ancient and crumbling moss covered stone walls twist and turn as far as the eye can see.


Sands of Torment

Sands of Torment

The arid and scorching Sands of Torment is an unforgiving and unlrelenting infernal desert. The villages are few and far between, and the difficulty of the challenges has increased. When the blistering sun sets, there is little refuge from the tormented souls that wander the desert sands in the darkness.


Mines of Evermore

Mines of Evermore

Deep below the immense and ominous mountains, lie the cavernous Mines of Evermore. The stone used to build much of the labyrinth has been excavated from these passages, leaving hollowed tunnels and chambers that form a labyrinth in and of themselves.

Bloodcurdling echos and howls of the horrific monsters that dwell within can be heard from every direction, and the dwarves that reside here are not much friendlier.


Accursed Halls

Accursed Halls

The Accursed Halls are the final hindrance standing between you and the Castle of Sordrin. The illustrious and highly embellished corridors should be no indication that the challenges ahead will be without effort. These halls are inhabited by hellish and fiery demons of the sort only imagined in the most horrific of nightmares.


Bog of Sorrows

Bog of Sorrows

The Bog of Sorrows is a harsh and relentless swamp covered by a thick canopy of overgrown foliage, saturated with shallow waters and overrun by hostile monsters. This grueling bog serves as a punishment for the unwitting, greedy and impatient travelers within the labyrinth. There is only one way out of the bog, and if you find yourself trapped in this abominable nightmare, you should find it as quickly as you possibly can.


Player Community

Player Community

The player community is a haven for the adventurers of the labyrinth. Here you will find storage vaults, a player driven marketplace, quests and World Guard protected plots which you may purchase with in-game gold to build on and call your own. For access to the community region, you must either complete the labyrinth or have a VIP rank.


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Community Spotlight

by Friday, 11 November 2016 21:38
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The Musician Challenge

Do you think you know all of the secrets of The Labyrinth?
You peeked in every chest?

Then you should have no problem helping the music band!
Otherwise it's time you turn every stone and peek behind every coner to find all the music discs.
Unique items await you as reward!

You can find the musicians in the Quest Hall in Community.

Good luck!
And tell us, what kind of other quests you would like to see.


Additional Info

by Friday, 11 November 2016 21:20
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The Questification is coming!

Did you notice the slight change on the Welcome Sign Wall?

Talked to Altaranth at Worldspawn lately?

If not: The word "Quest" magically appeared!
Step by step a lot of different quests will be added to the Labyrinth.
If you see NPCs with colored names they most like have some task for you!

Look forward to helping the inhabitants of the maze, having funny conversations and get tips, unique items or just useful stuff as reward.

So far some people in Sharaith, Esswary, Ossicpoint and Wyvernholt have quests for you.
And maybe you even find one of the trainers which can help you improve your McMMO skills. (And no, they are not in one of the villages mentioned above ...)

Altaranth can give you your Magic Quest Guide with the basic info and commands. Just talk to him...

Do you have ideas or comments for quests? Just leave a comment in the forum!

Additional Info

by Thursday, 07 July 2016 20:29
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Server back online!

After a month and a half, the host finally turned the server back on...... I quickly downloaded everything as quickly as I could, and went straight to a new host. It has been down for a few days so that I could reconfigure things for the new host and do some testing, but it is finally back online, and mc.Sordrin.com is now pointing to the new host.

A few changes come along with the move. I have removed the hub and Easy labyrinth. At least for now. I don't know if they will come back any time soon, but the bungee cord and multiple versions of the labyrinth were causing more problems than were worth it to deal with.

Logging into the server will take you directly to the hard labyrinth, as it was before the hub was implemented. I apologize to anyone who may have lost their progress in the Easy labyrinth, but it was just too much of a headache to deal with. And, it is actually not lost. I do have the data, I just don't have it online. Perhaps someday I will bring them back, but I have no immediate plans of doing so.

Sorry for the downtime and enjoy the labyrinth!

Additional Info

by Friday, 03 June 2016 04:16
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No, we are not gone...

First, let me apologize for not posting anything about this sooner. I have been working on some home renovations, and the server hasn't exactly been my top priority. And with the player numbers being almost non-existent lately, I feel like it is almost pointless to post anything.

In case anyone is actually reading this, here is the situation. I did not take the server down. It crashed, and never came back up. I have been going back and forth with the host for an entire month now, trying to get them to turn it back on. It turns out their customer service rep is incapable of turning it on, and their tech guy (or as they call him "management"), who seems to be the only one who can bring it back online, subsequently also seems to be on a permanent vacation, as "He's currently busy dealing with other issues unrelated to ExileServers. He stops in and answers the tickets he has time for." and "It will be fixed as soon as Jeff gets a chance to do so.".... Their words, not mine. There you have it folks. Grade A support for you.

Now, here are my options.

One way or another, I am obviously changing to a new host asap. Preferably to one with staff. 

A: I can either revert back to an older backup which I have available locally, meaning you will all potentially lose months of progress

B: I can just do a server wipe and start everyone from the beginning

C: I can wait it out, and hope "management" pulls their head out of their ass and actually provide the support that we are paying for. In which case, I will download the entire server along with everyone's progress and move it to a new host

I have been pulling for option C, but now that it has been an entire month with the server offline, my options are thinning. Frankly, I don't know if it will ever even come back online, because it has been 2 weeks since their customer support has even responded to my ticket. And trust me, I hound them every couple of days asking for progress. It has become infuriating to say the least.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to discuss this on the forums.

Additional Info

by Friday, 29 January 2016 04:29
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Server back up.

Apparently the system inodes were corrupt. Whatever the hell that means. Oh, and allegedly, we have been being ddos'd according to the host. Well, it seems to be working again for now. Sorry for the downtime.

Additional Info

by Thursday, 28 January 2016 13:18
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Server down. Don't know why.

I have contacted support to try and resolve this. Just waiting to hear back from them.

Additional Info

by Monday, 21 September 2015 19:50
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Hub down... Thank my host.

Hub server went down and has been unresponsive for about 30 minutes now. Hopefully it will be back online soon.

Update: Temporary solution. All traffic is being routed directly to the Easy Labyrinth. If you need to get the the Hard Labyrinth, simply type /hub hardlab once you are in the game.

Additional Info

by Sunday, 13 September 2015 17:49
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Server will be down/white-listed for a while today

Running into several database issues, and I will be working to correct it for a short period. Server will be back online asap.

Additional Info

by Tuesday, 08 September 2015 14:20
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Big update today!

Today the server will be migrated to a new host, and added to a new hub that I have been working on.

Make sure you are connecting using mc.Sordrin.com to ensure that you are connecting to the correct server, as the current server will be moving to a new IP.

There are lots of new features that will come with this update!

Easy Labyrinth

There is a new server being added with an "easy" version of the existing labyrinth. It is the same labyrinth, with different features that will make gameplay a lot easier.

  • The features include:
  • Keep inventory on death
  • The ability to /sethome in the labyrinth
  • You can /spawn out of the bog
  • Starving to death is disabled

The easy labyrinth has an 8 hour free trial (in-game time), and then you will either need to buy a rank in the store, or purchase game time in /shop with the new currency: Bloodstones. The existing labyrinth, and any progress you have made so far, will be accessible in the Hard Labyrinth, which will be down for the day for migration. 


Bloodstones are a new global form of currency. They can be earned in hub events, or purchased in the web store here. Bloodstones are for use with the new /shop feature, which has quite a few fun and useful features available!

Hub Events

There are currently 2 types of hub events.

1: Bloodbath - Once per hour, the Core (hub) will hemorrhage bloodstones. The more players in the hub when the bloodbath begins, the more Bloodstones will spawn. They will spawn all throughout the entire hub, so search all over, high and low! A notice will be posted in chat, along with a very noticeable sound alerting all severs 5, 3 and 1 minute before the event begins. Tip: Bloodstones will be more concentrated around the spawn point of the hub.

2: Core Raid - Once every 4 hours, a Core Raid will take place in the Core. You must be in PvP mode to participate in this event. Hold and right-click your sword in the hub to activate PvP mode. When the event begins, Blazes (Raiders) will spawn all throughout the Core. The more players in the hub when the event begins, the more Raiders will spawn. Each Blaze will be worth 0.5 Bloodstones per player in the hub when the event begins (with a max of 5 Bloodstones each). Every time a raider is killed, it's value will be added to the Raid Bounty. After 5 minutes, all Raiders will vanish, and the Raid Lord (a Wither boss) will spawn at /spawn. The player who deals the most damage to the Raid Lord, will receive the Raid Bounty if and when the Raid Lord is slain. The player with the killing blow will receive a 5 Bloodstone bonus. The Raid Lord will exist for 5 minutes, and then will despawn. If he escapes, no bounty is awarded. A notice will be posted in chat, along with a very noticeable sound alerting all severs 5, 3 and 1 minute before the event begins.


/shop may be used in the hub and in the labyrinth servers. Some of the features are different depending on where you are when you use the command. In the hub, simply right-click with the chest in your hand to open the shop. Bloodstones are the only currency that can be used in /shop.

Shop Items

Easy Labyrinth Time: (Accessible in hub and in labyrinth)
You may purchase game time in the easy labyrinth from /shop. VIP ranks are not required to buy gametime for continued access, as they have unlimited access.

Wands: (Accessible in hub and in labyrinth)
There are Fireworks wands, Sound Wands, Projectile Wands and Summoning Wands. When you buy a wand, it can be used across all servers.

  • Fireworks: Fireworks wands will summon a certain number of fireworks at your current location. 
  • Sounds: Sound wands will play the sound specified on the wand to you and all nearby players. 
  • Projectile: Projectile wands will shoot a snowball that will burst into particle and sound effects. 
  • Summoning: Summoning wands will summon a number of animals/mobs/NPC's that will follow you around for 30 seconds, then violently burst into flames and vanish. Most wands will summon 5 of that particular mob. The larger mobs will only summon 1. 

PvP Items: (Hub Only)
There are a variety of items that you can purchase in /shop that have been made to be just as powerful as the hub pvp swords.

Boosts: (Labyrinth Only)
/boost is a new command in the labyrinth. Players can purchase a server wide boost from /shop within the labyrinth server they are currently on. The /boost will only affect players on that server.

Boosts available are speed 2, food (saturation), strength 2, regeneration 2, invisibility.

When a player buys a boost, that boost will be available for anyone on the server for the duration of that boost (20 minutes). Each active boost can be toggled by each player individually by using the /boost command. The cooldown for boosts is 1 hour for all players, after someone has purchased a boost. When a player buys a boost, their name will be dislayed as the sponsor for that boost, for all to see.

Hope you enjoy the new features! Have fun, and see you in the labyrinth!

Additional Info

by Thursday, 06 August 2015 17:55
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(2 votes)

Server down with no notice... Thanks host.

We have been having some issues with a few plugins that connect to external API's, and I have been speaking with my host, trying to resolve it.

This was the last conversation:


Sordrin: 2015/08/06 19:25

Just tried, along with a reboot and they are still not working.

If changing machines/IP will work, I am all for it, but I need to know that it will be a guaranteed solution. I will need the default MC port though, as I use a domain for connection.

I will need to be prepared for such a move, so let me know how to move forward with this.



Host: 2015/08/06 19:51

I went ahead and made a copy of your server at a new machine, you'll receive the connection details for it over e-mail shortly.

Let us know if everything is working as expected on the new server.

Kind regards,



Well... Thanks for the notice I asked you for before shutting my server down and moving it... Good grief people.

Additional Info

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